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What about the manager?

Leadership Development is all the rage. But in the rush to nurture the next generation of luminaries, have we overlooked the obvious? Managers provide the pivotal link between those in the C-suite and those on the front lines. And there are roughly 100 million of them worldwide. As a result, management represents the highest leverage point in business today.

Cultivating great management takes more than retrofitting leadership concepts or augmenting skills training. It’s the result of clearly defining the identity, functions, and trajectory for this crucial position.

The Center for Great Management is the premier institution dedicated solely to the cause of the manager. Their role is different. Their path is different. And their approach to development should be different, too.

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Teach the Drucker Management Path to a team of five or five thousand. Master the innovative learning process that involves and transforms your managers. Learn

This one-day workshop combines the Drucker Management Path content with an out-of-the-box, in-person learning experience. Explore the program, impact individual managers, and compare notes with fellow leaders.


Managing Yourself

To be effective, managers must first understand who they are, how they contribute, and what they bring to the table.  This tool presents key ideas from Drucker’s Harvard Business Review article as it appeared in the HBR InBrief.

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The Innovative Manager

How Great Managers adopt the traits of successful entrepreneurs. This powerful Drucker Harvard InBrief tool will teach you the key tenets of the Discipline of Innovation.

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The Learning Manager

Finding insight requires Managers be open to learning outside traditional sources. This Drucker Harvard resource is required for every manager.

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